Thursday, 9 January 2014

CHA preparations

I'm back, sorry for the break.
Just to let you know I wasn't just enjoying the Christmas and New Year holidays I was working away for a large part of it.
This time of year a lot of companies are getting ready for the large craft show in America CHA. This meant I had a lot of samples to maker for the companies I work with including a new one. More about that later.........
Christmas was real family affair with my In-Laws coming round and a morning visit from my Granddaughter, this being her first Christmas. We saved all the presents for when she came to see us, Mia sat on the carpet surrounding by presents, she opened the first and that was it, mummy had to open the rest..........

Back to work on Boxing Day, helpfully my husband cooks a good roast dinner, so I didn't have to worry about feeding people.
First deadline loomed at the beginning of this year, that was for a new design team. Completed and sent I was off to the next lot of projects. I'm pleased to say I have been asked to do Spellbinders again for Create and Craft, can't see Robots again so far...........
Early in the new year I had a phonecall from Stephanie , Tattered Lace to help prep for CHA. The  samples to be made were not just for the Create and Craft broadcasts but also for their stand at the show.
All I could think about was I was going to see the puppies Betty and George.
All I can say is they love paper.........

As I'm showing photos here, here's one a member of Stephanie's staff took.

Stephanie, Nancy and some of the team are now on they're way to States, don't worry the puppies are in very good hands.
Time for a card I think, this is one using a brand new die from a Tattered Lace.
Sorry it does included another one as well,spot where ?

More samples tomorrow with a bit of luck,right back to play...... I mean work.

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  1. Hi Karen Happy new year , beautiful grandaughter take it easy Kitty