Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two cards today

This first card was very easy to make,  all the layers  were cut out of Snow White Centura Pearl.
Sorry about the photo it looks a pale blue but it really was a pearlescent white, so was the ribbon.
With this die not all of them cut out a complete shape, you have to use the larger or smaller depending on what you want to do.
However with one layer which just cuts the pattern I decided to just emboss it and build the other layers around it.
This would make another lovely wedding card, add a ribbon to match the wedding colour theme if you know it.

S5-189 Majestic Labels Twenty-Five

The. Second one is similar in the fact it's quick and involves just layering. The difference is I inked the card after cutting and embossing, leaving it in the die whilst inking as this gives a white edge.
I  also used the aperture with this one ,the piece you normally throw away. Adding a bit of sparkle to this layer with a Quicky glue pen and glitter. It was easy to be even  as I followed the embossed line around, which had been made when the card had been die-cut.

The corners were cut from the previous die, clue here why I put these two cards on together.
I forgot to say I embossed the top layer with one of Sue Wilson's A4 folders and the Distress ink was Victorian Velvet.
S5-191 Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight

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  1. Hi Karen I dont know how I missed these on Wednesday they are lovely. I like it when I have the same dies, It goes back to the old days when you were teaching me thank you Kitty.