Monday, 5 August 2013

The New Lace'

S5-196 Folded Lace
S4-414 Captivating Squares

Do you remember the days when we cut the card using templates and a craft knife to give us the Lace' effect ? I could never quite cut it all , so had to use the knife on parts of it after removing the template. Life is now easier with the new cut, fold and tuck dies from Spellbinders. This is the second release  of this type of die and I really like these ones.
For this card I use some paper from my stash which was pattern one side and a creamy white on the other. The base of the topper I cut using the largest die from the Captivating Squares but used the cream side. Then cut the two layers from the Folded Lace in grey paper, after folding and tucking mounted them on the base. The greeting I stamped on to the smallest die cut piece of the Squares.
The crushed ribbon and Dazzler came from Creative Expressions.
This card is not as fiddley as it looks, just take your time when folding and tucking because the paper or card may tear.
Happy Crafting

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  1. Morning Karen
    I remember those days that was a labour of love.
    your card is lovely thanks take care Kitty