Monday, 4 August 2014

Create a Flower

Monday morning again, so that means I have a few minutes to post while my Granddaughter is fast asleep after our morning food shopping trip. Off to see Great Grandma and Granddad this afternoon, if it manages to stay dry will will go to the park they live next to.
Well at the moment I wish I could split myself in two , to cover all the work I need to do. Time management needs to come into practise, at least I have no daughters at home at the moment only a not to messy husband. So no real housework needs to be done. I think the only time I will be out my shed is Friday when Kay and I will be travelling to Stoneleigh for the Great Britsh Craft Festival.
Love this show, this will be Kay's first time  as she was on holiday last time. She did manage to visit though on the Sunday, I knew she was there half an hour before I saw her, I heard her laugh.......
Managing to see some Create and Craft while Mia's asleep, had to watch Christina with the Create a flower dies, yes I did make sime of the samples. Love these dies, great for all those odd bits  of card many of us crafters keep. Don't we........"
If I had time I would make a supply up for use on future cards.

Poppy and Sunflower, both very apt for this time of year. Especially the poppy for today, my Great Grandfather died at the Somme, he never gor to meet his daughter, he died just after she was born.
Well trouble  :) has just woke up , so that's all for today,
Happy Crafting


  1. I love the cut away circle on the sunflower card, Karen. Will have to try that.

  2. Hi Karen.
    Thank you love these two dies. Have lots of fun with Mia, I have Sophie today she is crawling now. Take care Kitty

  3. Hi Karen. Great cards, I love the poppies, and as you say it was very apt for yesterday. Take care.

  4. Good afternoon Karen,
    I love the poppy card as the poppy looks so real. Was it done with tissue paper or mulberry paper as it has that finest that real poppies have to their petals? Beautiful. Enjoy your wee bundle of mischief as long as possible as like our own children, grandchildren seem to whisk up before you know where you are and what better way to keep your crafting alive than through the eager eyes of a wee one,
    Crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  5. Hi Noreen, sorry for the wait, it was a mulberry paper, a fine one though. I nearly give this away, it was on my pile to go.