Monday, 12 October 2009

Topiary Trees

I promised some ladies at Ally Pally I would post instructions on how to make the topiary Trees from the sensational circle stamp,Ok I forgot until today when I came across the instructions I written for Ideal World.So here are those instructions;

1.Choose one of the seven "Sensational circle" stamps.
2.Stamp,emboss and cut out 20 of the circle images.
3.Decorate as required.(paint,Glitter etc.)
4.Score down the channels around the triangle.
5.Glue five of the circles together(tab to tab)for the top and five for the bottom.
6.Glue the remaining circles together to form a band.
7.Glue the top and bottom to the band to form the complete shape.
Note:One of the circles will need to have a hole punched in it,large enough to insert the dowel.
8.Paint the dowel.
9.Using oasis in the container for support,insert the dowelling rod and place the decorated ball on top,applying glue to the dowel if required.
10.Add decorative chippings to the top of the container,glue in place with crystal lacquer if required.Tie ribbons round the dowel for an extra effect.

Sorry if anybody was waiting for this,memory is not great at times,too many things to think about.
Will add a photo later.
Check out Sheena's updated website(link on the right)there are video clips on it aswell.

Found it,picture added.
Bedtime I think.

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  1. Beautiful! I have been playing with some of my circle stamps and punches and have decided to make a similar christmas table decoration at my next craft club meeting. I think they're really stunning.
    Lynne. X