Friday, 9 October 2009

Ally Pally,TV and more

I know it's been nearly a month since I've posted but this is the first chance I've had to post on my new laptop.
There has been so many tv shows to prepare for as well as Ally Pally,my day's have been non-stop,with homelife and work.
I'm managed a long weekend with a very good friend but I was still on the mobile discussing forth coming shows.
Ally Pally was great,this time I had several products to sell that I had designed.The response to them was encouraging,quite a few wanted more designs.
What were the designs.......Window die-cuts and tissue box templates.
Here are just a few samples;

The idea for the window die-cut came about quite a while ago when Sheena drew her first Create-a-scene.There was a lot of interest at Autumn Ally Pally 2008,but using a craft knife to cut out all those panes was putting people off.So producing a die-cut window seemed to be the best idea.
The tissue boxes gave us another "canvas" to show off Sheena's designs as well as many of our other U-mount stamps.I've always liked making practical things not just cards,some of you may have seen the inexpensive notebooks that I've covered to give as special gifts.
Sheena will be demonstrating these on the 25th October on C&C.Unfortunately I will not be able to see the show,as I will be demoing them at the SECC in Glasgow.Well I just hope somebody can record it for me.
Jayne Nestorenko will also be on C&C the next day with some new designs from Holly Berry House(Medallions) this time they are unmounted and very 3D.More info later but I can say this, they are not Medallions.
I try to update you all more often as there is alot happening at the moment,I will also be able to post at Glasgow this year.Looking forward to that show,I have a shopping list ready this time.
Right back to making my window cards now, need double the supply,some for Sheena and some for Glasgow.

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