Saturday, 31 October 2009

Countdown to NEC

After a busy day at Colemans Warehouse,I am having a relaxing evening.Housework tomorrow,ironing(did I just type that,not my favourite word.)while watching F1.
Then back to making samples for the NEC.
Sheena has been busy making samples for the metal show on Monday,then on Tuesday we may make some more for the POTW which is on Wednesday.
I'll post another nail watch on Monday night as I'm having a new design for the NEC,I've there abouts decided what it will be.....Christmas..ish.
Looking forward to the show,I've looked up on the exhibitors list and J & C Creations are stand D30.So I'm looking forward to meeting any of my blog followers and hoping to introduce some more.
Hoping will we be very busy I can't shop because I need to save but I may get some Christmas presents so that doesn't count.
This is another of my window cards which you will see on Tuesday on C&C.
Have fun crafting.


  1. Will have a look at your stand when I visit the NEC on Thursday & Friday. I was at Sheena's Kettering Workshop last Saturday and I love what she does also her sample makers.
    I Will say hello
    Christine xx

  2. Hi Karen - like Christine, who is a forum friend of mine, I was at Kettering too and was lucky enough to get a peek at the samples - wow in real life they are just amazing. I will be at the NEC on Friday and hopefully if I can push my way through the crowds I will say hello.

    Ann xxx