Friday 6 November 2009


Well that's day 2 over,not quite as busy as Thursday but busy all the same.The show is so large I haven't managed to walk round it all yet.Okay I have done some shopping and maybe I be doing some more tomorrow.
The Create-A-Scene window packs have been flying followed by the square tissue boxes.I'm so please customers have been loving these,some have had these on their main shopping lists and spent the show looking for them.
My hands seem to be permanently covered in ink,signs of a lot of distress ink demos.I could play with them all day and very often do, thanks to Sheena requesting them for the C&C shows.

One customer asked if I could post a picture of the boards on show as she hadn't a camera,so here they are.
If anybody has any requests for photo samples,how to or techniques please post a comment I will do my best to help.
Need to get crafting,I have to make a couple of samples for tomorrow.

Saturday 31 October 2009

Countdown to NEC

After a busy day at Colemans Warehouse,I am having a relaxing evening.Housework tomorrow,ironing(did I just type that,not my favourite word.)while watching F1.
Then back to making samples for the NEC.
Sheena has been busy making samples for the metal show on Monday,then on Tuesday we may make some more for the POTW which is on Wednesday.
I'll post another nail watch on Monday night as I'm having a new design for the NEC,I've there abouts decided what it will be.....Christmas..ish.
Looking forward to the show,I've looked up on the exhibitors list and J & C Creations are stand D30.So I'm looking forward to meeting any of my blog followers and hoping to introduce some more.
Hoping will we be very busy I can't shop because I need to save but I may get some Christmas presents so that doesn't count.
This is another of my window cards which you will see on Tuesday on C&C.
Have fun crafting.

Saturday 24 October 2009

Day 3 SECC

A busy Saturday now over,more stock of the window templates arrived,great.Still have blue fingers due to the amount of distress ink demos I did especially with Broken China.I was surprised that Weathered Wood was another favorite followed by Black Soot and walnut stain.
What was I doing.......building a scene with Sheena's Christmas stamps,using the trees.Cut and dry is nearly no more,everybody loved the look using it gave.
A lot of interest was taken in the stepper card with acetate,I promised to give the sizes of the score lines on my blog.So here is the step by step.

1) Cut a piece of card 15.5cm wide by 18cm long.
2) Score along the length at 1,2,3.5,5,6,8,10,11,13.5,16,17cm.
3) Fold the card along the score lines to make the steps.
4) Glue the step pieces together.
5) Cut a piece of card 4cm by 15.5cm,and stick this to the bottom.
6) Stamp,decorate and cut out the pieces to build a scene,and glue to the steps.
7) Cut a piece of acetate 20cm by 15cm,decorate with stamped images if required.
8) Attach the acetate to the inside of the first folded piece and the other end to the last.
9) To add ribbon if required gently squeeze the acetate together at the top of the card and punch two holes.Thread the ribbon through and tie a bow.

Friday 23 October 2009

Day 2 SECC

Having a great time meeting some lovely people in Glasgow.My hands are inky of course,distressing,painting and as many other distress ink techniques I can think of.Customers seem to be liking the tissue boxes and the window die-cut packs have sold out,next delivery tomorrow hopefully.
Thought I'd start a nail watch on here,many of my friends like to see the nail art designs I have done.Well I don't wear makeup,not in to shoes or handbags,I don't enjoy shopping for clothes,so this is my one luxury.Never thought of having it done until my daughter insisted I had them done.Being a demonstrator my nails are always on show,so its nice for me to have them looking good.
Here's the first photo;

Wednesday 21 October 2009


Here I am in my hotel room,nervous and excited about tomorrow.At the show tomorrow I will be showing my new tissue box templates and also the window die-cuts I designed to go with Sheena's Create-A-Scene stamps.
Each template comes with enough card to make 15 boxes 10 white,3 cream ,2 black.
The Create-A-Scene window kits have 6 die-cuts,6 pieces of acetate and 6 pre-scored cards.There are also box envelopes which were made to fit them nicely.
Although Sheena will have them on Ideal World on Sunday at 5pm this will be their first showing as kits.
So if anyone is coming to the SECC or the NEC in November please come and say hello, on will be on J & C Creations stand.
Here are a couple of photos of the boxes and cards.

Monday 12 October 2009

Topiary Trees

I promised some ladies at Ally Pally I would post instructions on how to make the topiary Trees from the sensational circle stamp,Ok I forgot until today when I came across the instructions I written for Ideal World.So here are those instructions;

1.Choose one of the seven "Sensational circle" stamps.
2.Stamp,emboss and cut out 20 of the circle images.
3.Decorate as required.(paint,Glitter etc.)
4.Score down the channels around the triangle.
5.Glue five of the circles together(tab to tab)for the top and five for the bottom.
6.Glue the remaining circles together to form a band.
7.Glue the top and bottom to the band to form the complete shape.
Note:One of the circles will need to have a hole punched in it,large enough to insert the dowel.
8.Paint the dowel.
9.Using oasis in the container for support,insert the dowelling rod and place the decorated ball on top,applying glue to the dowel if required.
10.Add decorative chippings to the top of the container,glue in place with crystal lacquer if required.Tie ribbons round the dowel for an extra effect.

Sorry if anybody was waiting for this,memory is not great at times,too many things to think about.
Will add a photo later.
Check out Sheena's updated website(link on the right)there are video clips on it aswell.

Found it,picture added.
Bedtime I think.

Friday 9 October 2009

Ally Pally,TV and more

I know it's been nearly a month since I've posted but this is the first chance I've had to post on my new laptop.
There has been so many tv shows to prepare for as well as Ally Pally,my day's have been non-stop,with homelife and work.
I'm managed a long weekend with a very good friend but I was still on the mobile discussing forth coming shows.
Ally Pally was great,this time I had several products to sell that I had designed.The response to them was encouraging,quite a few wanted more designs.
What were the designs.......Window die-cuts and tissue box templates.
Here are just a few samples;

The idea for the window die-cut came about quite a while ago when Sheena drew her first Create-a-scene.There was a lot of interest at Autumn Ally Pally 2008,but using a craft knife to cut out all those panes was putting people off.So producing a die-cut window seemed to be the best idea.
The tissue boxes gave us another "canvas" to show off Sheena's designs as well as many of our other U-mount stamps.I've always liked making practical things not just cards,some of you may have seen the inexpensive notebooks that I've covered to give as special gifts.
Sheena will be demonstrating these on the 25th October on C&C.Unfortunately I will not be able to see the show,as I will be demoing them at the SECC in Glasgow.Well I just hope somebody can record it for me.
Jayne Nestorenko will also be on C&C the next day with some new designs from Holly Berry House(Medallions) this time they are unmounted and very 3D.More info later but I can say this, they are not Medallions.
I try to update you all more often as there is alot happening at the moment,I will also be able to post at Glasgow this year.Looking forward to that show,I have a shopping list ready this time.
Right back to making my window cards now, need double the supply,some for Sheena and some for Glasgow.

Thursday 10 September 2009

Sheena's Workshop

Back from a very busy but very enjoyable weekend with Sheena.The journey started with my husband dropping me off at Jay's Craft in Milton Keynes.Sheena had a demo morning and a workshop afternoon here.Plenty of messy fun and laughter had here,then we packed up for the long journey home.
How does Sheena concentrate on these long haul trips? She sings along to a variety of songs, of course I had to join in.Sheena was very good although Russ(hubby)wouldn't say that!!!! I was my usual tone deaf self but it was great fun.
Saw the Angel of the North for the first time,shame I didn't have a camera ready,the sun was just setting behind it,so the figure was black and very imposing.
Once there I was introduced to all the pets, 2 dogs 3 Cats,good job I love animals.
Early night because tomorrow was going to be a busy day.Slept well and woke to an early morning cuppa from Sheena,made just how I like it,milk in first.Then off to the venue,the room was perfect,staff very helpful,couldn't wait for those bacon buttys but needed to set up first.
The Ladies arrived and were very excited, I couldn't understand why !!!! There were four projects to do,so after the introductions we got down to business.
I was most excited to meet Bev the Blade,she couldn't understand why.I just like meeting people that I hear about,Linda (Papercraft World)is at fault for this one.
After morning coffee ( tea in my case ), buffet lunch and afternoon tea with chocolate muffins we were full. Full stomachs as well as full of inspiration.
Exhausted from the day it was then pizza,a bottle of wine and a good film and off to bed.
Monday began with breakfast at Ikea,then a tour and shopping at the Metro centre and then to Costco.I will definitely be back to do my Christmas shopping here,so much choice and lucky for me Sheena has another workshop in December.
Back to the house for cake and tea, but then we did some work before I left for the airport and the journey home.
Tuesday off but to tired to do much apart from the school run and watch C&C.Wednesday spent the day designing 3 cards for a magazine article,ideas there but need to do more.Thursday,Jayne Nestorenko is on C&C on Friday at 11am, needed to do a couple more cards for this.
Tomorrow will be finishing the metal cards for the magazine,then to get messy.Of course this has to be something to do with Sheena.Her next show is on Monday at 3pm and involves fruit.Here's a card I've already done for the show.
After this long post I'm tired,so it's off to bed for me.

Sunday 16 August 2009

Middle of August and haven't posted.

Where has the time gone,I've been busy I know that.Looking forward to the 22nd, as I have a week off,my first full week off this year.With the added extra of a Bank holiday on the following Monday.
But as many of my friends know, I'll be crafting most of the week.Trying out those ideas that get put to one side because I don't have time to really play.
Scrapbooking of course,will be doing this next Sunday on my Birthday at our local crop.People think I'm mad but aren't all crafters,at different levels of course.I'll be with most of my longterm friends,will all have a good laugh and there are cream cakes for afternoon tea, there's another good reason.
Spent today demoing at work,showing the new stamps designed by Sam Poole.The stylish Christmas set of three were very popular.These will be on C&C on next Sunday at 5pm,
Here are a couple more samples using those stamps.

The red candle has been stamped and embossed with Berry red from the multi set of festive embossing powders, Cosmic Shimmer of course,these will shortly be available in the larger individual pots.The image as then been placed in a cuttlebug folder and embossed,and no the embossing powder does not flake off.Cosmic Shimmer embossing powders seem to be flexible to a certain extent.Then I embossed the image again and cut out the candle with holly. Using foam fixers to 3D the image to the card.
The robin has been embossed in the black sparkle,I added a few more swirls of dots to fill the spaces with a black perfect medium pen.This powder looks a solid black but catch the light on it and then see how many other colours you can count with in it.
Well time to, as my friend Wendy (studio490) says
Make Art.
Hopefully post tomorrow.

Friday 31 July 2009

Today has been a day of spraying and embossing,with cosmic shimmer products of course.Found out that the shimmer mists will work on glossy card,so of course had to have a play.Sorry not a very good photo,light isn't brilliant in my work room so I have to have the light on.
Testing some new colours today for two of the cosmic shimmer ranges,I'm saying no more,except one I've been asking and pleading for.
I was looking forward to a day at the seaside this Sunday,but my daughter has decided she would like to stay another week at her friend's Nan's.Maybe next Saturday then,a least the craft shop will be open,promised to call in next time we went to the coast.
Oh well I suppose it will be housework,housework and more housework,unless I can hide in my shed and craft.There are quite a few techniques I would like to try out,maybe if I rush round Saturday I'll have time on Sunday Lol.
What shall I do now ? Cross-stitch,stamp or HOUSEWORK, I know what one I'm not doing.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Sheena's All Day Workshop

Can't wait,Sheena's asked me to help out and I'm really looking forward to it.The food looks good as well lol.An added extra is that I get to travel in Sheena's new car.She is demonstrating and doing some workshops at Jayz crafts in Milton Keynes the day before,so I'm travelling back with her. Flight home has been booked,so I must remember my passport!!!
On the crafting side,I've finished the dogs and cats which will be on at 9am on Thursday.Now it's Stylish Christmas,this show has been rescheduled for 23rd August so I've a little more time to make these samples.Between now and then Sheena has a show on the 12th August,Fruit being the key word here.
This is our regular visitor,her name is Poppy.Since our cat Tiger died, at the age of nearly 22 years, we decided not to have another one.We get all the entertainment value we need from Poppy,she follows us around the garden, and house if she gets the chance.
Well I'm of to do some cross-stitch and watch CSI.
Back to card making tomorrow.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Cute cats and Puppy love

These are the new stamps from Cherry Green,which will be shown on C & C on the 30th July.Not sure on the time, will post that later.Already made 12 cards and I still have a few more ideas to go.These are a very different style to Sheena's,which means the crafting techniques I use are often very different.The up sales often dictate the colours and styles of card you can do.For this show there are watercolours,glitters and dye based ink pads.Here are a few of the cards,as you can see nesties work really well with them,even to make the base card.
After cats and dogs I'm back to Christmas with Sam Poole's newest creations,which will be shown on the 4th August at 6pm.
Away from work,I actually did some scrapbooking tonight at the club I run with my friend Julie.Usually we talk too much to do anything creative.I made a double page layout with photos from a holiday we went on in 1993.As you can see I don't scrapbook in any order.It all depends what photos I've got to match the paper I've just brought or the class kit I'm doing.
Right,time for bed,and to read my new book which I find hard to put down.It's called the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood,Yes I can knit as well but no very often.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Christmas Show Tomorrow

Sheena's on at 6pm live on Ideal world as well as C & C.
Had fun with these stamps,decided on my Christmas card design for this year while making the samples.
Ok the Holly and Ivy have been on before but they are still some of my favourites,so versatile,they look great with the new christmas create-a-scene.Again there is a brilliant tree which always works well on christmas cards. Distress inks, Sheena would have these on every show if she could,yes.....I enjoy working with them as well, as the cards will show.
Which samples to show.....I think it will be one for the ladies,then one for the men in our lives.
Hope you like them.

Talk about being busy,Sheena's on again on Thursday with Sam Poole,our new stamp designer.Early start as well,8am,at least I can watch some of it before I leave for work.Good luck Sam,or should I say break a leg as it's show business.
Here's a card I did for that show

Monday 6 July 2009

C & C Tomorrow

Sheena is on tomorrow at 9am,so live on Freeview.Yipee,well I would be happy if I wasn't working,at least I can now see C & C on my TV from now on.
Here are a few more samples that will be on tomorrow (if all the samples are shown !!!!!!).

Monday 29 June 2009

Hot Monday

Well it was lovely and cool in my workroom today,the heat didn't affect me 'till I drove home.Made nearly 3 more cards for the next show and was given the details for the following one, which is on the 15th July.
Below is the layout I made at Anna's crop,love the colours. I might make this one half of a double layout,there is enough papers left to do this.

Sunday 28 June 2009

Birds,Flowers & Embellishments

This the title of Sheena's new show,which is on the 7th July.Lots of different products on this show which we haven't used before,the gray matter will be working overtime here.
Below is one of my first cards I made for the show.

Another busy week ahead making more samples,I'm glad I have air-conditioning in my room at work,especially if it gets as hot as they say on the news.
Had a lovely day at Anna's crop (Scrapping Angels)today,tea,cake,a kit and lots of chat.I'll show the layout we did,once I've put a title on it.
Sue Wilson will be on C&C on Wednesday at 3pm,It will be a show full of summer ideas,great for scrapbook pages as well as cards.....
Well I now off to finish that page
Don't forget Sheena's last show is being repeated at 7pm tomorrow on C&C

Monday 22 June 2009

Show 's Tomorrow

I know, I gave the wrong date for Jayne's show but back at base we all had the 21st written down. At least it gave Jayne a few more days to get ready.So it is the 23rd June at 9am,this means I'll have to drop my daughter off nice and early at school, in order to see the whole show.
I can now give you a couple more sneek peeks.

Sheena will be doing a nestie show on the 25th June,below is one of my favourites I made today.

Sorry I forgot there were 2 cards on this picture,my favourite is the rose one,just love the colour combination.The shading around the edge was done with cut and dry foam and the Jet black Archival ink pad.I would have used black soot distress ink normally but don't have this product on the show.So the alternative was to use the archival and I love the look it gave.It pays to experiment with what you have.

Well I'm still waiting for Gas man to come,apparently we have a faulty part on our gas meter which was fitted about 2 years ago.So I can't go and craft,oh well I shall have to watch C&C instead.Looking forward to watching Jayne Bentley at 10pm tonight,she is a great friend of mine.She was the one who converted me to using Fiskars micro-touch scissors.

Friday 12 June 2009

Circles,circles and more circles

As promised here are some sneek peeks of samples I've made for Jayne Nestorenko's show.I know I know, Christmas !!! but we have to start early with our samples to give you time to buy the stamps to make yours.

I had great fun playing with paint and glitter,the latter being on face as well as on the card.My regular shops have stopped saying "Did you know you have glitter on your face?".They just expect it to be there now,it's part of my uniform,I suppose.

There are so many items to be made with these stamps not just cards,watch Jayne on Sunday 21st June 2pm-4pm on Ideal World and see for yourself.

Early night tonight.
Busy day making samples tomorrow.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Sample Cards for Sunday

If you have been reading Sheena's blog, you will have seen a preview of a few of the cards for Sunday's show.Here are a few more to tempt you;

This card was made using vintage photo distress ink,stamped,allowed to dry or heat gunned,then using a damp paint brush drag out the colour from the stamped image.

Again I used distress ink,this time it was faded jeans and vintage photo.The two colours were blended using cut and dry foam,then the image was stamped with Archival black.To give a bit of dimension 3D crystal lacquer was used on the wall and gate.

Hope you love the ideas and will watch on Sunday for more inspiration from the Wonderful Sheena( no she hasn't paid me to say that!!!!!!!!)
More samples tomorrow from another show I'm helping with,all I'm saying is Circles!

Sunday 7 June 2009

Blog ready

At last I can post,seems to have taken for ever to sort my blog out.Having limited access to a computer didn't help,mines very poorly, so I have to sneek on to my husbands.
I'm hoping with this blog to show you some of my card samples I make for Sheena Douglass,Jayne Nestorenko,Cherry Green and Carol Jones.This will give you a chance of a closer look, which will hopefully inspire you to have a go.
Just spoken with Sheena, whose just back from a very busy weekend at Dawn Bibby's.She says if anybody would like a sneeky peek of her next 3 Create-A-Scene stamp sets to check her website out.The link to this is under my favourite website.
Hopefully I'll post some sneeky peeks of my own tomorrow(cards made with Sheena's new stamps!!!)