Friday 8 January 2010

It's Snowing Again

Just looked out the window,it looks very pretty but I think I've had enough now.I'm not keen on driving as many of my friends know,( thanks for all those lifts, they were very much appreciated)this weather does not help.
I should have said at the beginning Happy New Year a bit late I know,to busy reading everybody else's blog to do my own.There are alot of new ideas and new products to soon be released here and in the states.Can't wait for some of them to arrive and to start playing.
I had a fairly quiet Christmas,started to do some cross stitching again.This was easier to do as my shed was rather cold and took a while to heat up.Eventually I managed to go down and work on some cards for a C&C show on the 6th January.
The next show is on the 13th January,not sure on the time but I do know the products as I've made two cards and a box so far,several other pieces are part way there.Hope to do some more later tomorrow as I'm at Colemans sale spending some Christmas money.I think it will be on beading products as one of my other Christmas presents were some beads,tools and a mat,thanks Nat.My two girls are very keen that I learn to make jewellery.....I can see where this is heading.My very first necklace I made at a workshop at Colemans,thanks Jo and Jeanette,I gave to my oldest for her 19th birthday,I do feel old........
So to the show next week,we have papers,card,inks & more inks of the alcoholic kind,I'll post some pictures when I can.
So I think this will be the end for this post, more tomorrow I hope.