Friday 31 July 2009

Today has been a day of spraying and embossing,with cosmic shimmer products of course.Found out that the shimmer mists will work on glossy card,so of course had to have a play.Sorry not a very good photo,light isn't brilliant in my work room so I have to have the light on.
Testing some new colours today for two of the cosmic shimmer ranges,I'm saying no more,except one I've been asking and pleading for.
I was looking forward to a day at the seaside this Sunday,but my daughter has decided she would like to stay another week at her friend's Nan's.Maybe next Saturday then,a least the craft shop will be open,promised to call in next time we went to the coast.
Oh well I suppose it will be housework,housework and more housework,unless I can hide in my shed and craft.There are quite a few techniques I would like to try out,maybe if I rush round Saturday I'll have time on Sunday Lol.
What shall I do now ? Cross-stitch,stamp or HOUSEWORK, I know what one I'm not doing.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Sheena's All Day Workshop

Can't wait,Sheena's asked me to help out and I'm really looking forward to it.The food looks good as well lol.An added extra is that I get to travel in Sheena's new car.She is demonstrating and doing some workshops at Jayz crafts in Milton Keynes the day before,so I'm travelling back with her. Flight home has been booked,so I must remember my passport!!!
On the crafting side,I've finished the dogs and cats which will be on at 9am on Thursday.Now it's Stylish Christmas,this show has been rescheduled for 23rd August so I've a little more time to make these samples.Between now and then Sheena has a show on the 12th August,Fruit being the key word here.
This is our regular visitor,her name is Poppy.Since our cat Tiger died, at the age of nearly 22 years, we decided not to have another one.We get all the entertainment value we need from Poppy,she follows us around the garden, and house if she gets the chance.
Well I'm of to do some cross-stitch and watch CSI.
Back to card making tomorrow.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Cute cats and Puppy love

These are the new stamps from Cherry Green,which will be shown on C & C on the 30th July.Not sure on the time, will post that later.Already made 12 cards and I still have a few more ideas to go.These are a very different style to Sheena's,which means the crafting techniques I use are often very different.The up sales often dictate the colours and styles of card you can do.For this show there are watercolours,glitters and dye based ink pads.Here are a few of the cards,as you can see nesties work really well with them,even to make the base card.
After cats and dogs I'm back to Christmas with Sam Poole's newest creations,which will be shown on the 4th August at 6pm.
Away from work,I actually did some scrapbooking tonight at the club I run with my friend Julie.Usually we talk too much to do anything creative.I made a double page layout with photos from a holiday we went on in 1993.As you can see I don't scrapbook in any order.It all depends what photos I've got to match the paper I've just brought or the class kit I'm doing.
Right,time for bed,and to read my new book which I find hard to put down.It's called the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood,Yes I can knit as well but no very often.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Christmas Show Tomorrow

Sheena's on at 6pm live on Ideal world as well as C & C.
Had fun with these stamps,decided on my Christmas card design for this year while making the samples.
Ok the Holly and Ivy have been on before but they are still some of my favourites,so versatile,they look great with the new christmas create-a-scene.Again there is a brilliant tree which always works well on christmas cards. Distress inks, Sheena would have these on every show if she could,yes.....I enjoy working with them as well, as the cards will show.
Which samples to show.....I think it will be one for the ladies,then one for the men in our lives.
Hope you like them.

Talk about being busy,Sheena's on again on Thursday with Sam Poole,our new stamp designer.Early start as well,8am,at least I can watch some of it before I leave for work.Good luck Sam,or should I say break a leg as it's show business.
Here's a card I did for that show

Monday 6 July 2009

C & C Tomorrow

Sheena is on tomorrow at 9am,so live on Freeview.Yipee,well I would be happy if I wasn't working,at least I can now see C & C on my TV from now on.
Here are a few more samples that will be on tomorrow (if all the samples are shown !!!!!!).