Friday, 21 August 2015

All Wrapped Up Pt. 3

Early start today, a lot to do.
Postman arrived at 7.15am, good job I set my alarm.
Cards planned on paper, now to do the real thing once I've printed the papers off.
Below are a few more cards from the All Wrapped Up paper crafting kit. After asking the powers that be, I found out the kit will be available on the website by the end of the month. So keep an eye out.

Hope you like them !
Happy Crafting.


  1. Hi Karen Very pretty, Thank you take care.I am really looking forward to the new tv Chanel. Kitty.

  2. Karen - I feel awful. Fancy me not noticing you have started blogging again - I am so sorry.
    You have posted some wonderful cards over the last few days and I look forward to seeing more.


  3. I wondered where you were Anne xx

  4. Karen , I was so pleased when Anne told me today that you had started blogging again. Have looked back at all the posts and love what you have done. What a gorgeous baby! Hope to see you again soon.