Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tattered Lace Hidden Surprises Day 4

Morning all, wasn't wanting an early start but it was so noisy outside due to the wind and rain I couldn't sleep. Oh well it's practise for tomorrow, I'm looking after my Granddaughter for the whole day  while her Mum's at work and she arrives about 7 am in the morning.
Today's cards are using the Counting the moments die, the first card also includes the Champagne  Glass. After cutting the die in Gold Mirror card, I thought of making a Happy New Year card. The clock hands are separate, so you can set them to any time you need them to be.

A wooden clock this time , set to the time of somebody's birth this time maybe ? The wording and the loopy border were also on the POW show.
More shows today at 9am and 4pm, wonder how much stock has gone ?
Hope the weather is better for everyone today, I know I'm lucky where I live, not much chance of flooding here, wind damage yes as we live next to open fields but so far so good on that.
Happy Crafting no matter what the weather.


  1. Morning Karen brilliant cards have lots of fun playing with Mia. Take care Kitty

  2. Hi Karen. Love the cards. Have fun with Mia today. I know who will sleep well tonight, even if it is noisy outside! (And I don't mean Mia!!!) : ) Take care.