Monday, 1 July 2013

Meeting my fellow Inkoid

Nice to be home from Portsmouth but I did have a great time. Such lovely friendly people, can't wait to visit again in the near future.
Yes, I did meet up with fellow Inkoid Pauline, her daughter's hair was a give away.......lilac.

Although it was very busy we did have time for a chat, the first of many I hope.......
On return home I found a parcel had tried to be delivered, so a visit to the post office was needed. Well it was a very large box containing.............I can't tell you that , not just yet but it's very nice and I found out there is more to come. Sorry about the tease, not.
Well you know what I'll be playing with this week, that's until Friday when Kay & I will be off to Newbury for the weekend show.
My Daughter  posted a photo of my Granddaughter on Facebook, it's such a lovely photo I thought you would like to see.

To finish ,here's today's card

This maybe the last Christmas card for a while but who knows. I used the Snowflake Pendant to cut an aperture then the piece cut out I placed on top twisting it around. The aperture piece I place on top of some black card as a contrast. The other dies were cut out and added on top, along with an adhesive black gem.
Until tomorrow Happy Crafting.


  1. Hi Karen
    lovely photo of you'r granddaughter.
    Very nice card too have agood weekend.
    take care Kitty.

  2. Was fab meeting up with you Karen x And yes i hope it will be the first of many a good chin wag.. This card is beautiful I love spellbinderds ... Hopefully we inkoids can all get together at some point... It's rather hard as we all live so far apart, but I'd love to meet the others too.... Any time your down in Portsmouth let me know and We can have a catch up over coffee... Kay is a lovely lady too and it was great seeing you both. I've just friended her on FB.. .. My daughters hair is still lilac.. (she's a hairdresser) but it won't be lilac for long ... She's been red, purple, bright pink.. And now lilac... Her fella hates it lol.. The amount of people that stop us and ask what she uses as they love it... Think she is going back to blonde her original colour ... ( hopefully I'm not the one asked to do it.. As I'm usually her colourist ( no I'm not a hairdresser I get roped in) ..
    You'll have to give me a heads up on the next Portsmouth show... Speak soon P x