Monday, 28 September 2015

Sheena's One Day Wonder

I thought I'd do a quick post to dhow the cards I made for Sheena's show.

This one was made using White embossing powder and Forest Moss Distress ink.

Clear embossing powder with Silver gilding wax over the top.

I had to make this one after seeing the brickwall stamp for the first time, it was painted using Aquatints.

To create the background, I applied lots of Aquatint colours to a sheet of acetate then misted with water. Laying a piece of white card over the acetate, then removed and dried.
Stamping the image in black , then clear embossing powder and heating.
The design was sliced in three and then matted and layered.

To place the wall behind the plough I used the drawing gum to mask off . The image was painted with Aquatints

For this design I actually made masks with post it notes because I forgot I had drawing gum. All of it was stamped in Black Soot. Think I need a new ink pad but it does give an early misty morning look.
I used a damp paint brush to pull the colour out from the stamped image.
Update for craft room, units are all in, even LED light for the larder cupboard, just waiting for carpet, curtains and a CD unit. Some items that I don't use very often have gone in, but I have a busy schedule this week including looking after my gorgeous Grandaughters.
I'll post photos very soon for both.
Happy Crafting.


  1. Good to see you getting messy again, Karen. Great cards.
    Looking forward to seeing the craft room.


  2. What gorgeous backgrounds.

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