Friday, 20 August 2010

Oh Nuts !

The cards for today were made using the stamps from the A5 plate called Oh Nuts.I've been meaning to post these for a while,a friend of mine asked for some ideas.So here at last are those samples,sorry for the long long wait.

Look out for these on a future show along with a new plate Sam Poole has also designed.
Well I kinda enjoyed a day off today,if you call shopping for school clothes and equipment that.At least that's done now..... usually leave it 'till the last week.This year they've gone back to wearing blazers,shame she will only wear it for less than a year.
Tomorrow will be housework and card making I think,and a trip to the local craft warehouse.Need a new guillotine and I suppose I'll look to see what else takes my fancy.


  1. Beautiful card babe, love the layout :)
    I'm after a new guilotine too, if you find a decent one that cuts instead of shreads (my last one) and cuts straight (unlike the 1 before last) then please give it a mention on your blog. I have resorted back to craft knife and ruler!
    *hugs* Heather x

  2. Hi Karen, I recommend the Purple cows cutter - get it from PartiCraft :-) Maybe see you at the craft show at the SECC in glasgow in October - you coming up for that?