Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cute cats and Puppy love

These are the new stamps from Cherry Green,which will be shown on C & C on the 30th July.Not sure on the time, will post that later.Already made 12 cards and I still have a few more ideas to go.These are a very different style to Sheena's,which means the crafting techniques I use are often very different.The up sales often dictate the colours and styles of card you can do.For this show there are watercolours,glitters and dye based ink pads.Here are a few of the cards,as you can see nesties work really well with them,even to make the base card.
After cats and dogs I'm back to Christmas with Sam Poole's newest creations,which will be shown on the 4th August at 6pm.
Away from work,I actually did some scrapbooking tonight at the club I run with my friend Julie.Usually we talk too much to do anything creative.I made a double page layout with photos from a holiday we went on in 1993.As you can see I don't scrapbook in any order.It all depends what photos I've got to match the paper I've just brought or the class kit I'm doing.
Right,time for bed,and to read my new book which I find hard to put down.It's called the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood,Yes I can knit as well but no very often.

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