Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cut and Tuck

Morning, just when I thought the snow was clearing, it's started again. Hope it is more sleet  rather than snow.
 I have projects to complete today, something a little different from my usual style, well crafting is always a big adventure, you never know where it will end up.
Today's samples are using the Cut and Tuck dies from Tattered Lace. Used to love folding the lace but not the cutting, craft knife and I don 't get on. So these dies make it easy, and these can be folded in different ways, because of the amount of different sections.

Ok , off to work I go.
Happy Crafting.


  1. I still have some lace stencils! These are lovely - my favourite is the middle one. Anne

  2. Hi Karen.
    I am playing catch up today. The cards are lovely have fun and take care, thank you. Kitty.

  3. These are beautiful. I'm a new follower from Cyprus. I love unusual folds....the 3rd one looks interesting xx

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