Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Suck it and See !

Today I thought I'd show you something different,
I was really unsure what was going to be involved when I got the call, all I knew was it was to do with cats.........
Create and Craft were introducing a new company called Suck Uk, with some very different products. Several crafters were  given a few of the products to decorate in there style. I was given a cat cabin,  teepee and a set of decks along with some Hazel and Ruby paper and washi tape. One strict requirement was that it had to be food safe, meaning the adhesive. Well it was back to my early crafting days with flour and water paste. My brother and I used to make masks by blowing up a balloon and applying strips of newspaper  with flour and water paste. Once dry you popped the balloon and cut the shape in half, then decorated with acrylic paints
As I was seeing how the teepee was put together before decorating, our frequent visitor as she is know, decided to check it out.
Someone looks content.......
Here are how the other samples turned out

There was only one problem during the show Nigel had the crafter's names wrong, these were the items I did, it was Nikki Killinger who did the monkey and bear. I did however end up with a new crafty Facebook friend, Hi Nikki
Sorry to end on a sad note but I heard today that Noreen ( Katy Sue )'s husband died, just using this post to send my condolences to Noreen and her family. It has been such a shock but I know this big crafty family  we belong to will be sending their love and hugs.


  1. Hi Karen. Didn't you do a great job on the goodies from Suck UK. Looks like he teepee is popular already.
    I am so sorry to hear of Noreen's husband passing away. My sympathy to Noreen and her family.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Karen.
    thank you for blogging, so sorry to hear of Noreens sad lose My thoughts are with her. Your samples are brilliant . Take care Kitty