Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I see Linda(LB Crafts) is doing a countdown to Ally Pally,I love the reminder to how little time I have left to do samples.
Well I will try to do my own as to what I'm hoping to demo this time.Must remember to take some photos tomorrow, too late today.
Did anybody see Sheena today on C&C? She didn't even remind me that it was her birthday. So it's kinda late but a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me.I shall probably be the same come August and not want to be reminded how old I am.( the same age as Sheena by then lol)
We were both very busy over the weekend making samples for the TV show,it's a shame you did not get to see more of them. Hopefully if you are going to Ally you will get to see the other card samples, I even made a coaster. I forgot to take photos of these,I was just glad to get enough done.
I do have some of the previous show,love the canal stamps,I could have easily made many more.They were so easy to use,building up the scenes and then painting with distress inks.

This was one of my favourites,the design was divided up after I painted it.The trees just happened to be in the right place,no planning here.... promise.
At the NEC I was demoing the Cosmic Shimmer Ultra thick embossing crystals,these I was melting in a pie dish,NO... I didn't eat the pie first, we had new ones for sale.
As a reminder here is the recipe;
1)Pour some Clear UTEC into a foil dish,heat from underneath(don't want a snowstorm)
2)Once melted add other colours of UTEC,play,experiment here there are some lovely combinations.
3)Once you have enough,(trail and error here,depending on size of dish)heat from the top to make sure all the UTEC is in liquid form.
4)Either a memory frame (RANGER) or a cookie cutter is place on a RUBBER stamp,you do not need to ink this first.
5)Gently pour the liquid into the mould making sure you get into each corner.Now leave to set for at least 5 minutes.Remove from stamp ,while still warm dust with mica if required or when cold add glitter glue,apply with finger.
Hope this will clarify some points.
Don't worry about the rubber stamp it is molded at such a high temperature,nothing much can damage it.
It's great for jewellery,but I know some ladies were going to try to make buttons,I would love to see those.
Here's hoping I remember to post tomorrow with photos.


  1. Fantastic samples Karen. Looking forward to seeing more at the weekend. Hadn't thought about using cookie cutters...will go and find mine now!

  2. Great card - oh my daughter got some funky rock music cutter for Christmas - hmmmmmmm wonder if she will let me borrow.
    Ann xxx

  3. Great to see you again at NEC Karen and good to see you back blogging. As always wonderful samples yesterday for the show and love the swan one above. See you in Kettering I Hope Love Cynthia x