Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blog ready

At last I can post,seems to have taken for ever to sort my blog out.Having limited access to a computer didn't help,mines very poorly, so I have to sneek on to my husbands.
I'm hoping with this blog to show you some of my card samples I make for Sheena Douglass,Jayne Nestorenko,Cherry Green and Carol Jones.This will give you a chance of a closer look, which will hopefully inspire you to have a go.
Just spoken with Sheena, whose just back from a very busy weekend at Dawn Bibby's.She says if anybody would like a sneeky peek of her next 3 Create-A-Scene stamp sets to check her website out.The link to this is under my favourite website.
Hopefully I'll post some sneeky peeks of my own tomorrow(cards made with Sheena's new stamps!!!)

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