Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cherry Blossom

 Where to begin? First, sorry I've been a bad blogger,I will have to sort out a dongle when I change my phone next month. Half an hour is not long enough to write a blog post when your in a hotel room.It was too much of a rush to do some scheduling.
Second, Kay and I had a lovely show at Farnborough,cold on set up day but warm for the show, due to the fact we had a heater just above the stand. Hougie book 3 was launched at the show and proved to be very popular,proud to say I have a sample in there. It will not take my followers very long to spot it!

While at the show Sharon from Glitter Magic asked me to help her out at Glasgow. So home Sunday night, two days to wash clothes, shop and clean the house plus finish and post samples to Sheena for her Friday show on C&C.
After a long drive to Sharon's on Wednesday morning, she then drove the rest of the way, to a very cold set up.
I love Glasgow and the people,I thought I was going to miss it this year so thanks to Sharon I didn't.
This card was made with Walnut Stain and Victorian Velvet Distress Ink,I used some of the stamps in a different way to what they were designed for.The tear I used to build up the branches, the water stain became the blossom. I love to try and use stamps in different ways than what they were intended for,makes them worth buying.
Happy crafting.

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